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The Legal Eagle: Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein has been interested in the subject of law all his life. He found a niche when it came to executive compensation law and how it works. Jeremy Goldstein earned a Bachelors Degree as well as his Master’s Degree from Cornell University. He earned his Juris Doctorate from New York University. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein – Twitter and Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Jeremey Goldstein is on the boards of many different organizations and writes many articles about compensation law as well. He is on the Merger and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He takes the time to write for the Harvard Law School as well. In an article for Ideamensch, He describes what his day is like and a trend that excites him.

Jeremy Goldstein says that his day is very busy and has to limit the number of cases that he can handle at any given time. The kinds of cases that he does take on usually are in the realm of mergers and Acquisitions.

He has been in that particular realm of law for more than twenty years and has a great deal of knowledge on the subject. He makes sure that he is available for his clients at any given time. he spends his days drafting and organizing agreements for his clients and giving them practical advice.

One trend that Jeremy sees as a really good thing is the practice of pay by incentive. This is a practice that if a CEO does a good job and reaches the goals of a company, then he should be well paid. If the CEO does a bad job for the company, then he should not be paid much money. Stockholders are also having a greater in the direction that companies will go as well. These trends are ones to watch for the future.

Jeremy Goldstein has always been passionate about the application of the law and how his clients can best be served by it. He stands by his clients from the beginning to the end. He loves what he does. This is why he is a professional legal eagle.

Financial Services Firm Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a financial services firm that is known to be a very diverse manager of assets throughout the world. The firm currently manages over $40 billion worth of assets. In 1998, the firm was founded and has grown into one of the most reputable companies in the finance industry. It now has over 1700 clients which range from individual investors to institutions. The main assets the company manages for clients include real estate, private equity, credit and it also provides capital investment strategies.One of the things that makes Fortress Investment Group among the leading financial services firms is its focus on investment performance. It says that it looks to generate a number of high returns for investors in the long term. With this approach, the firm has been in position to ensure that investor clients get steady consistent gains on everything they invest.

To ensure consistent investment performance, Fortress Investment Group looks to provide a number of benefits such as industry experience, investment knowledge and sound management and advice.The firm Fortress Investment Group has a number of competencies and areas of expertise. One of the main competencies is managing asset based investment options. These include private equity funds, capital assets and financial assets such as private equity securities. Fortress provides expertise in asset based investing that includes advice on pricing, ownership and financing of various assets such as real estate. With Fortress, investors can also take advantage of professionals who provide in depth industry knowledge and also assistance with important tasks such as mergers and acquisitions. These aspects of the firm have proven to provide valuable guidance to over 1,000 investor clients all over the world.

Part of what makes Fortress one of the top finance firms in the world is its leadership. It has three distinct individuals who have founded and built the firm into what it is today. These individuals include co founders Randal Nardone and Wes Edens and the co chief executive officer Peter Briger. Each of these individuals brings many years of experience in the financial services industry. They all have experience managing and running some of the top investment banking firms in the world. Co founder Randal Nardone has a legal background and is therefore able to run the firm though the legal aspects as well as the financial. With these three professionals, Fortress has been able to consistently establish itself as one of the most comprehensive and reputable financial services firms in the industry.

Lime Crime Comes Just in Time for Summer Shades

Lime Crime has managed to become an authority when it comes down to a well-rounded assortment of lipstick and eye shadow shades. This company has some great Venus Palettes available for the summer months that provide many people with exciting colors. It is a great time for women to try out these various shades as they attend weddings, graduation parties and an assortment of other summer activities.

The Grunge Shadow Palette, for example, is among one of the best when it comes to that 90s style rebellious look. People that are interested in this Grunge Palette have access to rust red and other unconventional colors like burgundy and brick brown. People love this palette because it will not fade out.

Venus 3 is also available for people that want more of a Grunge Gets Pretty type of look. There are shades like rose gold and rapturous lilac that can help you definite a great summer look. Paradise and Rapture colors can also help you create a glow that won’t fade as the day (or night) progresses.

More people are also looking at the Venus XL because it provides as many as 18 shades. This is an awesome combination of colors that introduces people to things like Eden which is known as a metallic Rusty Rose color. There are also shades like Celestial if you want a sparkle matte shade or Aphrodite if you desire a rich red-brown glow. The options for Venus XL are quite interesting because it is the palette that gives you access to matte, matte sparkle, glow and metallic flavors that can bring out the ultimate grunge.

Lime Crime has presented people with a ton of options throughout the years, and there are quite a few people that want to check out what this company is offering. It is easier for embrace this type of company and what it sells because these are long lasting palettes that do not fade and fall out. These are blendable colors that go on smooth, and that makes a big difference for customers that want shades that don’t run.

Sightsavers Preventing Blindness

Sightsavers are at the forefront of trying to eliminate blindness which can be prevented. The most preventable cause of blindness is Trachoma. It is caused by an infection in the eye from a bacteria named Chlamydia trachomatis. It is highly contagious and appears as inflammation on the inner surface of eyelids. This granular surface causes eyelashes to curve inward and cause significant pain. Eventually the scars cause blindness.


Adults and children use tweezers to pull out their eyelashes for temporary relief. Certain antibiotics can control the spread of bacteria in the infected eyes. However, the simplest prevention is good hygiene and sanitation with clean water. Often these are not available and people do not know about these strategies.


Sightsavers is about obtaining the resources to fund this massive effort to stop trachoma from stealing the lives of people living in poverty. This disease has been recorded in ancient Egyptian art. In the past it was more widespread. Today, more than 182 million people in the world’s most disadvantaged communities are still at risk of going blind from this eye disease.


Caroline Harper has been the Chief Executive at Sightsavers since 2005. Her primary emphasis has been to collaborate with governments, agencies, and local communities to educate the people and provide clean water and medication as needed.


Most recently, following a TED presentation by Caroline Harper, Sightsavers received a massive donation of £20 million funding from UK aid to boost trachoma elimination in 10 Commonwealth countries in Africa to stop trachoma related blindness.


Already, by 2017, five countries have ended the public health problem of trachoma. This has been verified by WHO, the World Health Organization. These countries are: Morocco, Oman, Mexico, Laos, and Cambodia. This makes it feasible for Sightsavers to proclaim their goal of destroying this disease.


Sightsavers are also advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. They serve many countries around the world with different programs appropriate for the region.


Sightsavers welcomes individuals, organizations, and special campaign volunteers because there is so much work that must be done. Donations are also appreciated.–7OzHMxzQFkwxwHXH3Ww

Kamil Idris Weighs In On Trump’s China Tariffs

On May 29, last Tuesday as of this writing, President Donald Trump announced a stiff tariff on Chinese goods. After attempting to work out a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump decided that China was not acting in good faith and that the tariffs would go forward. These new tariffs amount to a 25% tax on many Chinese goods. are aimed at combating what many say is an unbalanced trade situation between the U.S. and China. Many have accused China of mass intellectual property theft. Kamil Idris, the former Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, had this to say in his popular online blog:


According to Mr. Idris, China’s theft of US intellectual property amounts to at least 225 million dollars in total. To back this up, he cites the United States Trade Representative’s report from 2016, which gave 225 million as the low figure. It may be as high as 600 billion. Kamil Idris goes into a little more detail about China’s alleged thievery. He says they are accused of stealing trade secrets, counterfeiting popular brands, and using their vast markets as leverage in order to extract trade secrets from rivals. His opinion of Trump’s actions here is that obviously, the President didn’t feel that enough was being done to address these issues. He also points out that many nations have made these complaints against China.


Mr. Kamil Idris also points out that the President may simply be using these tariffs as a negotiating tactic, pointing out that he was willing to exclude Canada and Mexico from the new tariffs. I personally would agree with his assessment when he says that the renegotiation of NAFTA will be the determining factor in this matter.


However, there is the possibility of a trade war. China and some other countries are angry about the new tariffs, and are threatening tariffs of their own in response. It should be interesting to see how it plays out. Mr. Idris, while not fully taking any side, seems to be concerned that these tariffs are a little too heavy-handed, which is definitely a valid concern.


All in all, I enjoyed the article and I would recommend it to anyone researching this subject. It has some good, specific information that is not available elsewhere.




Testimonies of a lifetime – Dr. Rod Rohrich

There is a countless number of positive reviews that Dr. Rod Rohrich has been receiving since he started his service towards his patients. While some comment on his smart scientific skills, other applaud his sensitivity like an artist that he shows towards all the people he serves. Most of them acknowledge that all of his treatments could be termed as almost perfect. It is true especially for people who had facial surgeries done and who have gotten a lot of compliments for their newer version of the face. There are testimonials from his patients that vividly signify how approachable and kind he has been towards them.

Many at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center consider him to be a true asset to the team as well as the most skilled plastic surgeon you could possibly find. There are many people who give strong recommendations to other people about Dr. Rohrich. While there are many who admire his expertise and talent in the field, he always made sure that there are excellent facilities at his workplace that gives the patients everything they need at a one-stop destination. He also imparted his kind character towards all of his staff members who are also known to treat the patients with utmost care. No wonder all of this could never come from so many people if Dr. Rohrich would not exceed his expectations when it comes to the overall surgery process.

There are quite a bit of patients who were tired of looking at their old faces in the mirror but now thank Dr. Rohrich every single day for the amazing transformations he was able to get for them. They feel the youthful side of them is back in terms of how they look which gives them a lot of confidence to perform different things in life. Many consider that he is a completely blessed surgeon who has never delivered anything less than best. When you decide to go with him, you could rest assured that you are not only in safe hands but dealing with someone who has immense knowledge and contributions in the field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Pioneers as Plastic Surgeon

The pedigree and history of Dr. Jennifer Walden is quite interesting and at some points even a little inspiring. It starts in Austin, Texas where she holds a scholastic record for being Salutatorian of her graduating class at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Then, it continues to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital located in New York for her aesthetic surgery fellowship. With her medical education and training complete, Dr. Jennifer Walden performs and practices plastic surgery for a number of years within NYC. However, the needs of her family prove to be her top priority as she returns to Texas with her twin sons.

As interesting and facinating as Dr. Jennifer Walden’s career path looks in retrospect, it pales in comparison to her insights and point of view concerning the field in which she practices. Her knowledge base and prowess are the result of performing plastic surgery for eight years. Her focus in this field is exclusively for cosmetic surgery and includes procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelifts and eyelids. She also performs liposuction on common areas of the body as well as Botox injections and soft tissue fills for things like laugh or worry lines.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s insight also includes being aware of the fact that her presence as a woman in the medical field of plastic surgery is something not often seen. At the end of the day, she is one of a handful of female doctors affiliated with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery who practice in Texas. This state of affairs does not bothered her at all. As a matter of fact, she has a way of thinking and performing that turns her rarity into a distinct advantage. Being a mother of two children, she understands what female patients are looking for when they go to a plastic surgeon’s office better than her male colleagues. Just being a good female surgeon allows women to be more at ease with plastic surgery procedures all together.


The Generous Jason Hope 1

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has a passion for the mobile technology, a philanthropist and an investor who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a holder of a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University and a master’s degree in business from the Carey School of Business. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward.

For starters, he established a company that dealt with mobile communication which later propelled him towards biotechnology, startup investments and humanitarian causes. In regards to philanthropic causes, he takes an interest in anti-aging research which he believes he can provide a solution to using technology. To bring his ideas to reality, he once in 2010 donated $500,000 to a research foundation called Negligible Senescence to identify practices that would slow down the processes involved in aging.

With this donation, the foundation would achieve a lot in this research which would in return help the entire community and the world at large. Additionally, he trusts that there are specific procedures that can prevent illnesses like dementia, diabetes and high blood pressure as well as osteoporosis. To boost his aspirations, he as well takes an interest in politics that relate to business which he anticipates would be beneficial to all his ventures both financially and by giving back to the community.

Surprisingly, Jason Hope is also a published author, and he later released an e-book titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in IoT era.” The guide is enlightening, and it explains the convertible power that the internet possesses and how people can utilize it to the maximum at home and in their businesses. A good example would be a use of IoT in the Airline industry that involves a lot of technology. The guide by Jason Hope has changed the way things are done in airlines considering that aeroplanes are connected to a wireless network which can be controlled from a station.

Customer service as well as improved with the use of IoT as there are easy check-ins and personalized travel that fit each client’s needs. The kind of innovativeness that Jason Hope possesses will lead to the next big thing in the technological world which will be of great benefit to the business world as well. The issue of threats that are related to hacking in the technological platforms that have become rampant will become a thing of the past as they will be dealt with by the e-book by Jason Hope. He is for the idea of helping people get opportunities for grants through his platform, and he has a passion for technologies that are related to healthcare and education.

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Jeremy Goldstein: A Man Who Stays Ahead Of The Game

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the country’s top notch lawyers. He is particularly skilled in the field of executive compensation.

Goldstein didn’t always have an interest in this particular line of work, however. His interest for it arose when he began hearing talk of unrest among executive compensation committees.

These committees were so unsatisfied with the regulations imposed on them that they eventually began to break away from the organizations for which they once worked. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Goldstein knew that this was a setback for some but that it was an opportunity for him to grow professionally.

If there is one thing that Jeremy Goldstein believes, it is that setbacks should be seen as opportunities. This is advice that he would even go back in time to tell his younger self if he were able to do so.

Jeremy Goldstein now has over 20 years experience in the area of executive compensation and is able to give his clients the expertise and knowledge that they deserve.

Clients trust Goldstein and go to him because they know that if anyone can get the job done right, Goldstein can.

A typical day for Jeremy Goldstein involves counseling clients and talking to them about their goals and career choices.

These are very intimate talks that often hit home for clients because they are forced to dig deep within themselves to determine what they really want for their lives and for the lives of their family members.

Goldstein ensures that he remains in touch with clients even when there is no work being conducted. Regular communication is key to remaining connected to people both personally and professionally.

Goldstein ensures that he is always able to communicate with others by keeping his gadgets up to date and working. Some of the best advice that he has ever been given is to not wait for his computer to break down before purchasing another.

As a professional, it is always good to stay ahead of the game in every possible way. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of and a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He stays busy by being very active in his law practice and with his charity work.

As a member of the Board of Directors for the Fountain House, Goldstein plays a vital role in helping women and men in the center to overcome any mental illnesses that they may be facing.

Whitney Wolfe and Her Successes

Whitney Wolfe, who is recently married and is now Whitney Wolfe Herd, is a very successful female entrepreneur, who is known for her popular dating app, Bumble. Bumble, like other dating apps, focuses on creating matches via an internet platform; however, Bumble is different because it focuses on female empowerment and dissolving gender roles. Specifically, Bumble gives women the chance to be the one who makes the first move, as Bumble instructs them to start the conversation with those in whom they have been matched with. Whether it is viewed as female empowerment or even thinking outside of the box, Bumble has been a major success, leading to new relationships.

Bumble is not Whitney Wolfe’s first success, as she began her empowering efforts when she made charitable tote bags. Whitney Wolfe was also successful in her academia, as she graduated from Southern Methodist University. Known for her successes in Tinder, Whitney Wolfe has been quite skilled at creating dating apps, but recently Wolfe decided to expand her mobile app endeavors. Wolfe created Bumble BFF, which functions similarly to how Bumble does, except Bumble BFF is focused on creating friendships rather than romantic relationships. Also new to the app arena is Bumble Bizz, which helps professionals quickly connect with other people in their career field. With so many outlets for creating connections, Wolfe’s efforts can be seen as bringing people together in a unique, yet effective way.

Although her work can be seen as benefiting other people’s relationships, Whitney Wolfe makes sure to pay plenty attention to her own successful relationship. In 2017, Wolfe married Michael Herd, showcasing that she is happy in her own partnership. Although married life may leave her off of the dating apps for her own personal use, it is fair to believe that Wolfe will continue dedicating her work towards improving the apps that can bring other people together, potentially leading to marriages of their own.

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