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Doe Deere; Of Being An Internet Sensation And A Successful Businesswoman 1

Doe Deere is a phenomenal woman. She is the founder of Lime Crime; an epic make up manufacturing company that has taken the cosmetics industry by storm. Many call her the unicorn queen but she is not just a queen; she is a queen who has struggled to reach where she is. She was born in Russia but spent most of her growing up in New York City. Doe is a believer. It has taken her a lot of faith to get where she is today. Part of the journey has been full of failures but that did not deter her to keep a fighting spirit.

To her, beauty is not necessarily natural but rather, what one feels comfortable in at the specific moment. With that in mind, she started her own make up products line up that is a bit different from what people are used to. Her products have made it much easier for women to not only conceal their imperfections, but express themselves in a much better way.

Lime Crime is not your usual line of makeup products. It is intensely colorful and it has a wide variety of cosmetics that have international users. The name was coined from her favorite color. All through her growing up, she has always wanted to make cosmetic products like lipstick, nail polishes as well as eye shadow. The dream became a reality and today, her products boast of being of the best quality, being unique because they are bright and being loved by many.

She is a perfect example of a businessperson who starts small and achieves success on her own terms. She is also not shy to support other women-owned businesses. She also believes that if women are empowered to run more businesses, they can radically change society for the better.

She has a busy day at the office that starts with her having a meeting with her Creative Director. She then meets and attends to any other important thing before proceeding to check on the previous day’s developments.

Doe is an internet sensation. In fact, she has relied on the internet for all her launching, marketing, and other related issues with for Lime Crime. She is also not afraid to create controversy provided it does not in any way affect her business negatively.

She is also very confident when breaking fashion rules. In fact, most of her products fans belong to that school of thought!. To her, it is not about sticking to rules if they do not make her happy but rather, doing what makes her feel happy at the moment. She loves experimenting with colors very much because she believes they help one in expressing themselves much better. In her journey to being successful, she has faced many critics who wanted to see her go down but she managed to shun their negative energy and move on.

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