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The Liquor Industry Has A New Investor In Dick DeVos 1

Michigan based investor Dick DeVos is always looking to find new ways of adding to his business empire, and recently added the craft liquor production company Coppercraft Distillery to his ever expanding range of companies. The move was only seen by members of the media and financial experts when approval was given for Coppercraft’s liquor production license to be transferred to the DeVos owned Windquest Group. MLive reports Coppercraft Distillery founder Walter Catton III has already discussed the areas he hopes his regionally growing producer of gin and rum drinks will expand into the future.

Dick DeVos has been a successful businessperson for a number of years and is often credited with the rise to global prominence of the AmWay brand. Wikipedia reports Dick DeVos spent much of his childhood in the basement offices of the Amway business located in the DeVos family home; only after DeVos himself took control of the international business department of AmWay did the company become a global brand with rising profits from international trade. By the 21st century the company operates on six continents and has moved into various areas of business.

The financial freedom afforded to the DeVos family by the success of the AmWay company has allowed them to become some of the most important donors to many charitable groups across the U.S. through his family foundation. These include the chance for students from developing nations to earn an advanced degree under the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship Foundation at U.S. based educational institutions as well as founding their own aviation high school in West Michigan. The school was formed in large part to further the DeVos’ dedication to education, but also because flight is a passion of Dick’s as he is a helicopter and airplane pilot. 

The latest venture into the distilling industry will continue a commitment to the people of Michigan that has seen the people of the state receive a number of benefits from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Holland Township based Coppercraft Distillery has already seen a large level of growth since it was established in 2013, and now supplies gin and rum drinks to retailers across Michigan and neighboring states.

Learn more about Dick by connecting with him on LinkedIn or liking his page on Facebook.

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