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Jon Urbana and His Active Life of Varied Pursuits 1

The social media pages of Jon Urbana really are always happening. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are updated regularly with a ton of new status reports. Urbana enjoys linking to all sorts of things occurring on the internet. News articles, humorous pieces, videos, music, and more are all selected for highlighting. The various items on Urbana’s social media feeds are quite interesting. The content is so interesting, it leads many to want to learn a bit more about the man. Quite a few followers are already familiar with his life and interests. Others may be wondering who he is, and what is his background.

Urbana is always going to be known for his career in lacrosse, and deservedly so. He was a standout player on the field. Jon Urbana attended college in Pennsylvania at Villanova University. He was a lacrosse player in college and, truth be told, he was an outstanding one.

The very successful college sports career would lead to a professional career. After Urbana made a name for himself in the pro ranks, he remained active in the sport. Urbana operates the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Based in Colorado, the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is a solid training ground for athletes of all ages.

Among the hobbies Urbana¬†seems to enjoy the most is photography. Urbana takes many artistic photos and places them on his blog. Urbana’s social media sites are also employed to display all the many works of photo art he has produced. Urbana has an affinity for videos and music as well, but the photos seem to be more endearing.

Jon Urbana has one other incredible hobby. He is an active pilot who holds numerous certifications. The FAA has even acknowledged his amazing levels of accomplishments in his flying career. Videos related to his flying excursions are fun to watch.

Life is never boring for Jon Urbana.

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