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Crystal Hunt: A Great Acting Talent That Continues to Impress 1

Crystal Hunt has the kind of talent that shines through her performances. Hunt has been turning heads and warming hearts since she was a young girl. She was a well-known pageant contestant, and her charms got her little jobs on different commercials. Her smile was the kind that people just could not deny. But Hunt was meant for more than just a few commercials.

Hunt was interested in being more, including being an actress. This was something that she decided to actively pursue as a young girl. Hunt astonished the people who were searching for a girl who could convincingly play the daughter of Philip and Beth Raines, a couple on Guiding Light. Guiding Light was a critically acclaimed soap opera on CBS. She played Lizzie Spaulding. She convinced the whole world that she was both lovable and troubled as their daughter. Hunt’s performance captured hearts, and it also captured the eyes of many critics. In fact, it was not long before she was recognized for the part as she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award nomination. The nomination was given to her in 2005, which was two years after taking the role. There was no doubt that she had settled into the role and had made Lizzie Spaulding a character worth remembering. She got the nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

Hunt’s performance was so strong that many wondered if she would be able to play any other role since audience knew her as Lizzie Spaulding. Hunt was definitely ready to break that preconception. A few years later, Hunt decided to take on another interesting role after Spaulding in One Life to Live. Here she played the role of Stacy Morasco. Hunt was able to convince many of her natural malice to the point that people truly feared here presence. She definitely knew how to wield her natural acting abilities into characters that became memorable.

These two roles and many more have made Crystal Hunt a legend in the acting world because she is able to make any role she takes into an iconic one.  Check out her reel on YouTube.

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