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Lovaganza is on a Mission to Revolutionize the World 1

Lovaganza is a charitable organization that has the challenging goal of improving the lives of children all over the world by 2050. This is no small undertaking but a big and risky venture that will seriously force Lovaganza to work hard to achieve its goal. From what we see, Lovaganza will probably pull off this goal.

J.F. Gagnon and his wife Genevieve Gagnon are both actors, entertainers and film producers of Lovaganza. These two have been in the business of making films for years. After the couple realized that many children around the world were suffering they came together to create a plan to figure out how to stop this problem. This is when they realized that they could make a difference through the world of movies and entertainment.

Lovaganza was created by the Gagnon’s as a means to help children. They realized that to help all of the world’s children they would need a vast amount of resources and help. This is why this organization has connected with various charitable organizations and other enterprises from around the world. Their goal is to set up Lovaganza offices on all of the continents across the globe.

The Gagnon’s want to locate all of the poverty stricken children in the world by 2035 on They need to find out this information so that they can help to improve their lives. Once 2050 comes to pass, the Gagnon’s expects that the world’s population, as a whole, would have improved because of their effort. How likely is this to happen, well that remains a mystery.

The undertaking that the Gagnon’s are trying to do is on massive scale. If they are successful they will literally make history as the most life changing charity in all of creation.

Organizations around the globe really enjoy the Gagnon’s work and what they are trying to accomplish. Lovaganza can in deed make a difference. They are going to have to collaborate with many other organizations and governments during this process. They plan on kicking off their charity with major worldwide celebratory events stating late in 2016.

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