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Norka Luque becomes a Globally Recognized Musician 1

Norka Martinez Luque has set high standards of excellence in the entertainment industry by composing and releasing inspiring songs. Her songs encourage people to remain committed to their dreams and believe in themselves. The Venezuela-born musician currently resides in the United States. Her passion and love for music began when she was just a little girl. The talented musician has remained true to her mission of using music as a way of bringing a message full of motivation and hope.

Unconditional support

Norka received unwavering support from her parents when they discovered her singing talents. She enrolled in musical training classes such as voice practice, ballet, flamenco, and piano. She also participated in numerous competitions especially during her high school times and won several awards. Norka was able to strike a strategic balance between education and music. She moved to France and earned a degree in the specialty of marketing, fashion, and culinary arts.

Dream turns into reality

While in France, Norka joined a band to stay connected to her mission of becoming an internationally recognized musician. During her many performances with the band, she was privileged to meet the acclaimed producer, Emilio Estefan. After listening to her projects, Emilio was convinced that the songbird was destined for greatness, and he signed her to his record label.  According to her, working with the veteran producer is a school of life, a dream come true, and an opportunity to learn new things on a daily basis.

Album Miracle

Album Miracle is a masterpiece produced by Emilio and consisting of several interesting songs by Norka Luque. The album became a major hit in Latino radio station, the U.S. airwaves, and topped musical charts in other parts of the world. Producer Emilio assembled a team of top producers such as Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo, Ricardo brothers, and Puerto Rican to oversee the compilation, editing, and production of the album. Her faith and commitment to her dreams of making a difference in the world through music helped Norka to endure and eventually overcome a personal crisis. She also realized that being healthy and alive is a miracle.

Norka has another song called MILAGRO, a major hit in Venezuela (her home country), the United States, and Puerto Rico. Norka’s golden voice and message full of hope have transformed MILAGRO into an international hit. Follow Luque on Twitter to keep up with her news and information.

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