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Adam Goldenberg the Shrewd Business Mogul of all times 1

Adam Goldenberg can be described as a business mogul who right from the age of 15 was destined to success. Adam Goldenberg founded Gamers Alliance, which caught the attention of Intermix president. Three years later, it was he sold the company to Intermix media. At the age of 18, joined Intermix and was given the position of strategic planning Vice President. Going on, Adam rose to the position of CEO at Intermix. Having Adam Goldenberg as CEO at only 19 years old age marked a tremendous milestone for a public traded company.

During his tenure, Adam got the opportunity of establishing friendship with Don Ressler, an entrepreneur who had also sold to Intermix. In 2005, Intermix was acquired by another entity, and this drove Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to incept their firm. The year 2006 saw them create a platform known as intelligent beauty. This was a platform that encouraged e-commerce by mainly tapping into health and beauty sector.

The Birth of JustFab

Adam and Ressler were driven by the passion fusing social interaction and top-notch fashion. In a bid to make fashion trend online, the two created a personalized platform on YouTube, hired consultants and designers. In 2010, JustFab was incepted. This is a community in which the members get to receive various fashion accessories according to their preference periodically.

Kimora Lee enters JustFab

Renowned fashion icon on, Kimora Lee was quite fascinated by what Adam and his partner were doing. This became evident after attending some of the company’s function and got excited. As reiterated by Don, Kimora is a fashion business mogul who steered Baby Phat to massive growth. Additionally, she has the capability of creating a huge fan base. Soon, Kimora officially made it to JustFab, as the creative director and president. This move signaled an escalation in the number of subscriptions, and the business grew rapidly.

This was a children’s fashion subscription service. Subsequently, the company also acquired European Fashion e-commerce, which resulted in the addition of members from nationalities such as France, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

JustFab’s Recipe for Success

JustFab has a keen eye on the number of subscriptions, and they are monitored hourly. If anything wrong is noticed, an immediate intervention is effected. Customer feedback also has a role to play in the success of the company. JustFab dedicates a team of employees who are willing to understand clients and give correct guidance. Above all, they maintain a high-quality of products, leading to continuous addition of customers.

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