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The Next Big Thing From Securus is All About Security 1

Securus Technologies, recognized and known for providing technological solutions to public safety, corrections facility and law enforcement agencies has done it – again. Most commonly thought of as a communications provider in relation to corrections facilities, which is correct, the need and requirement for security and safety in communications within these facilities is obvious. The latest announcement from Securus is all about that need for security.

┬áPR Newswire posted the news, along with some details about this amazing new tool being called the “Investigator”. The technical particulars and biometrics of the system is probably best left to the minds that are behind JLG Technologies and this new tool. What people need to know (and can more easily grasp), is that the Investigator Pro has a feature that can be described as voice recognition tool.

Using this technology, inmate calls and those who they call can have their voices matched to other calls. This might not initially seem like a big deal, but those in the service of corrections and law enforcement appreciate the power of this tool. Now law enforcement officials can link trends, recognize common contacts and use this information to uncover potential gang ties, suspicious activity and even crime before it happens.

The Texas based Securus serves more than 3400 safety, corrections and law enforcement departments while affording safe, fair and reliable communications options to more than 1 million inmates in addition to their family and friends. That sounds like communication – and a whole lot more.

  1. Now these communications services can be considered just that much safer, and as aforementioned, act as an early detector to prevent and uncover crimes. It might have been everything in which the best essays has been able to pull out so well that it works frantically so well too.

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