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Davos Cap Calculator Bid to Make Real Estate Investment Analysis Easier 1

In Davos Real Estate Group’s bid to offer their clients a way to have a better vision of their finances when purchasing property in the U.S, the company has come up with a mobile application that will do just that. The application is referred to as Davos CAP Calculator. The goal of the firm is to give their clients investment alternatives regarding real estate that are in line with their financial expectations. In Davos Real Estate Group view, having a property as an alternative asset within an investment portfolio is a big plus.

According to the David Osio led Davos Financial Group investment committee; having property within an investment portfolio will assist minimize risk. David Osio goes on to highlight some significant factors in his analysis, which are diversification criteria, safeguarding against the inflation based on adjusted rental income ability to influence performance through improvements in the active (property) and improved levels of performance.

He, however, has some advice for anyone planning to plunge into real estate. He states that just like any other investment, real estate investments require special considerations and assessment. According to him, some of the factors an investor needs to assess are the capitalization levels of the property in time and the costs associated with buying, maintaining and selling the property. This is where the Davos Real Estate Group believes that the Davos Cap Calculator will come in handy.

The application allows the user to accurately determine the net income, cash flow and capitalization of their property. It also allows the user to enter mortgage information, if they have any, to see how the terms and conditions of the mortgage would influence the cash flow and profitability of the real estate.

According to the Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard Gonzalez, the application is the handy work of Davos Real Estate Group’s team of programmers. He continued to say that the app is available for download on Google Play for mobile devices operated by Android, iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad at no cost.

About David Osio

David Osio has a rich education background having graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello. He made his career debut in 1981 serving as President and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He also had the chance of working with other companies before forming Davos Real Estate Group in 1993. The companies include Letco Commercial Companies, MGO and Banco Latino International.

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