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The Answer to a Damaged Economy

Billy McFarland may have just become responsible for revolutionizing the way that businesses operate and save money on potential costs. The brainchild of this man is known as Magnesis, which is a social network of sorts that offers members the chance to save large sums of money. Discounts on social gathering points such as restaurants, bars, amusement parks and concerts are all covered.

The way that membership works is through a metal card that is attached to a member bank account. When a member uses the card to make a payment the discount is automatically taken out before the actual payment, allowing the member to save hundreds of dollars.

While this program seems pretty standard for normal people wanting a higher chance at normal recreational activities, it is actually much more useful for businessmen and salesmen who are looking to save funds on business meetings. Some of these meetings can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Through Msgnesis the same hundred dollar business dinner could be divided into multiple meetings instead, which will save companies millions of dollars annually if implemented correctly. This is an incredible opportunity for small and large corporations alike, allowing peace of mind for these important meetings to take place through.

In his quest to provide amazing savings to individuals, Billy McFarland has created a chance for professionals to change the way they operate businesses. This can be a huge game changer for corporate America, and an excellent way for a damaged economy to slowly mend its wounds and repair damage caused by years of stagnation.

Billy McFarland may be a young man just entering into the field, but he has already made so much ground and has advanced his career further than he can even possibly hope to imagine.

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