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The Right Solution to Communication Needs

Securus Technologies, the leading producer of justice system based security and communication solutions products, has recently been accredited an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This is a huge honor for the company, which can now add this special high ranking grade to their business model. Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoyas, recently stated that through the assistance of the Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies is now not only able to better serve its customers, but will also have this accreditation applied to anything about the company within print. This accreditation will surely increase sales for the company, as potential customers will be able to see the rating and judge that Securus is a business they can rely on.



Securus technologies is an interesting company in that it focuses its attention on providing excellent services and products to individuals either currently serving time within the United States prison system, or to those that work directly for the justice system. This technology is provided to inmates in order to try and serve their communication needs. Visitation hours tend to be difficult to schedule and adequately put in to place, with this Securus technology meeting their needs. Through a free application customers and their family members can talk to one another through seamless video streaming technology, successfully bypassing annoying wait times and providing incredible ways to stay connected.


Securus Technologies, due to their reputation and the added benefit of their recent accreditation of an A+ rating, are not only now able to better serve their client base but will be motivated to go beyond the normal scope of customer satisfaction. This is great news for current customers of Securus and even better news for potentially new customers currently looking into the company to provide their communication needs.


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