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Nathaniel Ru Gets People Excited About SweetGreen 1


Nathaniel Ru is taking things to the next level with Sweetgreen. It started as a company that had salad. Now there is a lot of talk about the other things that have made people take notice of this company. There are a lot of different meals out there that people can get from the menu. With more than 40 different locations in New York and Los Angeles, there are a lot of people that love what this company is doing.


There is a lot of planning that goes into the restaurant business. Nathaniel Ru carefully considered everything that comes with building a new restaurant. It has been stated that Nathaniel Ru has put a lot of strategy into his locations. He has put the restaurants in affluent areas because he knows that the affluent consumers are going to be more apt to the possibilities of eating healthy. There is also a knack for putting the restaurants in places where casual restaurants are already in existence. This is all part of a careful marketing strategy. There are people that are going to express their desire to see more of these restaurants because it is a different trend. Nathaniel Ru knows that the word of mouth buzz is spreading fast, and he is working with partners to bring this to more places.


There is a music festival that has been created to promote Sweetgreen. There is even a campaign going to get Sweetgreen meals into schools. This is all very interesting because it shows Nathaniel Ru is doing what it takes to get the word out about this company all over the world. There are people that do not live in locations where a Sweetgreen restaurant is located, but they are anticipating it. This is the sign of good promotion. For most restaurants people do not give much thought to an establishment if it is not located where they are living. With Sweetgreen, however, there is a different vibe. People are getting interested in this company because it provides people with something that other restaurants have missed. Nathaniel Ru has made people realize that there is a real difference between what Sweetgreen provides in comparison to other restaurants.


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