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Billionaire George Soros And His Democratic Alliance Are Strong Opposition For The New U.S. President

Donald Trump is heading into the eye of a political storm. The Democratic Party may be fragmented, but there are Democrats that have very deep pockets, and the power to make Trump’s life in the White House challenging. Trump opened the door of disdain for Democratic donors like George Soros. Soros and other donors are meeting him face to face at that door. Trump may have won the election, but millions of people believe he is not qualified.

The Democratic Alliance Donor Club recently held a conference in Washington, D.C. to discuss Trump’s Presidency. George Soros is one of the founders of that organization. Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, as well as union leaders, Senators, Congressmen, and other Democrats attended the conference. The main objective of the conference is to hold Trump accountable for the next four years. Democrats want to stop Trump from repealing some of the initiatives President Obama put in place. The eighty-six-year-old Soros is well versed in politics, and he is leading the charge to keep Trump honest, on point, and true to the position of President.

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George Soros is a unique individual. Soros was born in Hungary, but he left that country during the Nazi occupation. He moved to London and got a job in a restaurant. He enrolled in the London School of Economics and earned two degrees in philosophy. George Soros worked for an investment firm in London for a couple of years, but when he was offered a job with an investment firm in New York, he accepted the position. That job was the beginning of the Soros investment extravaganza. In the 1970s, Soros bet millions that the British would have to devalue the pound sterling, and when that happened, Soros made $1 billion, and his investment firm made $7 billion. Ever since then, Soros has been betting and winning in the investment industry. At last count, Soros personal wealth is more than $32 billion.

Even though Soros is a billionaire, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. In 1984, George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation donates money to organizations around the world that fight for Democracy and freedom. Soros has given away more that $12 billion in his lifetime, and he’s not done giving.

When Hillary Clinton decided to run for President, George Soros donated $8 million to the Super PACs that supported her. He also donated millions more to Democrats that were running for Congress, and for the Senate. One of his main concerns is the U.S. Justice System, so he supported several Democrats running for state district attorney positions. Most of his choices didn’t get elected, but he’s not giving up. Soros has the connections and the power to make a difference in the political arena, even though the Republicans are in control.

Migration, climate change, open borders, and the freedom to choose are important issues, and Soros will continue to fight for them. George Soros doesn’t give up. He is a survivor in more ways than one.

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