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Fabletics Takes on Amazon with a Personal Touch

Fabletics is becoming one of the hottest companies for women that are interested in purchasing active wear clothing. This is a company has managed to gain a lot of ground over the years because it has some of the trendiest clothes on the market. One of the biggest competitors for Fabletics may be Amazon. This company is not a clothing giant, but it already sells just about everything else that most homeowners could want. Right now Amazon is interested in getting into the clothing market and consumers are interested in seeing how this will turn out.


The thing that will give Fabletics the competitive advantage is the celebrity appeal. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics and she is doing her best to get the brand out to a mass audience. There are commercials and lots of social media buzz about Fabletics. Amazon, by contrast, is relying more so on the customer base that has already been established. Millions of people shop on Amazon for a plethora of different things. Clothes would just be another thing on the website that customers would be able to purchase. This can be a good and bad thing. People that shop on Amazon, for example will be exposed to the active wear clothing. That is the advantage of going against Fabletics. The downside is that customers that do not shop on Amazon will never get the chance to get exposed to the Amazon clothing.


One good thing about Fabletics is the advertising that is done for this website. Millions of people know about this site because a considerable amount of money has been spent on advertising. This advertising goes a long way because even more people spread the word about this company through social media. There are customers that post their favorite outfits from Fabletics on their Instagram accounts. There are others that may tweet about tops or leggings via Twitter. This is where Fabletics appears to have another competitive advantage. This company has managed to gain a lot of fans because Kate Hudson has put forth that personal touch.


With Fabletics the clothes are designed exclusively for women. That is something that makes this company stand out in a major way. There are not a lot of companies that sell products that are dedicated for women, but this company is catering to ladies only, and that gives Kate Hudson a direct target market. She has put her acting career on the backburner and managed to help Fabletics become one of the top companies for women that need active wear clothing. She has managed this company well, and she appears to be ready to take on Amazon and any other competition.


Fabletics is still new, but this company has been able to penetrate a tough market by connecting with young and middle-age women. It has been easier for this company to build a presence because it started online. Now Hudson has the ability to move into brick and mortar stores to attract more customers.

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