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The sweet and smoking Hippeas

Hippeas chickpea snacks have revolutionized the food sector. This is a product that was launched in 2016 by the Green Park Holdings. The company was founded by one Livio Bisterzo in 2015. The main focus of the company is to provide the society with brands that are going to leave an impact in their lives. They focus on creating nutritional brands to enhance a healthy life.

The hippeas are good for you. They are:

« Organic
« Rich in fiber
« Gluten free
« They are good source of protein
« The products do not have any additives.

Hippeas are available in different flavors that you can choose from. Under the slogan ‘give peas a chance’ the company is looking to change the way people snack. They are introducing a healthier option that is good for your health and also the environment.

In addition to providing great products, the company seeks to give back to the community. To achieve this, they have partnered with Farm Africa which is a charity that focuses on eradicating hunger and build wealth among the communities in Eastern Africa. With every pack of hippeas that you buy, the company will donate a percentage of the sales to the organization. They support farmers that grow chickpeas by buying the produce from them. This way the farmers will be able to build themselves financially.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio has been an entrepreneur for the most of his life. He did his Bachelor of Arts in business management and fashion from the University of the Arts London. He graduated with Honors in 2002. His entrepreneurship started while he was in college working with the youth and culture, and also he marketed the different events on Twitter. Even though part of his studies focused on fashion, Livio was passionate about food and beverages, and that is the career path that he decided to pursue.

Livio Bisterzo, however, began his professional career when he joined the Alvaro group. He worked as an entrepreneur in this company for five years since 2006. Between 2011 and 2014, Livio worked at the Little Miracle drinks. This was before launching his company Green Park Holdings in April 2015.

His company is set to change the nutrition sector in the future. The first product for the company is the Hippeas that was launched in 2016. In the course of his career, he has gained different skills including brand management, marketing strategy and product development.

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