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Thor Halvorssen Puts Everything on The Line

Standing For A Personal Cause

Thor Halvorssen fights for human rights with a passion for a reason. He has personally seen what can happen to people when they are unable to stand against their governments. He has seen his family members arrested for their opposition to the government and he has even seen prison time himself for his views. Despite this he continues to fight for the rights of others and for progress towards open societies.

How He Fights For Human Rights

Halvorssen’s fight for human rights is centered around the Human Rights Foundation. In 2004 he decided he wanted to find a way to unite activists around the world in their battles. With the Human Rights Foundation he is able to bring international attention to cases that were previously only known within their specific nation or kept censored by national governments. The work he does in this capacity is exceptionally dangerous, and he has even risked his life to stand up for human rights. He doesn’t allow the dangerous aspects of his job to get in the way of helping those in need.

How He Spreads His Message

Halvorssen is an accomplished film maker and uses his talent to help spread the word about the plight of various peoples living under authoritarian regimes. He understands very well the power that cinema can have in convincing people to stand up to their governments. This is why he routinely releases documentaries detailing the plights of oppressed people across the world. The effectiveness of these documentaries is clearly shown by the responses many dictatorships express towards them. His films are routinely criticized by dictators as inaccurate and inflammatory. Such words only prove the effectiveness of his activism.

Where He Goes From Here

Thor Halvorssen continues to find ways to promote open societies across the world. Recently, he created the Oslo Freedom Forum. At these events Halvorssen meets with other leaders in human rights activism and tries to find ways to promote their causes. He understands what it takes to win this battle and he is willing to take any step necessary.

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