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Securus Technologies Broke World Record of Inmates Calls

Securus Technologies is one of the best providers of civil and criminal justice technologies to aid in communications. The company uses VoIP technology to ensure that prisoners get a chance to connect with the outer world. The technology that the company uses allows inmates to make phone calls and video calls over the internet. Through the efficiency of their network, thousands of inmates have relied upon the company across the United States. Their rates are pocket-friendly, and this is one the reasons that most prisoners prefer Securus to other phone services available in prisons.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, the company owes all of it success to embracing of the recent technologies. Securus has a team of experts who ensure that clients get the best service and they are satisfied. They use cloud computing among other techniques to make sure that they deliver the quality they promise. On March 2016, the company was reported to have facilitated over 30 million phone calls which were all made by inmates. The figure broke the record of calls made by inmates within a span of one month.

The use of Public Switch Telephone Network PSTN is cheap, but it has some limitation especially when it comes to controlling. It is one the reason that made secures technologies opt for VoIP. It is slightly expensive, but it is efficient and reliable. In fact, the company uses its private data network for all communications to offers customers benefits such as

  • Exclusive customer care service
  • Efficiently troubleshoot and fix problems before they take effect
  • Make VoIP service easier to install and access
  • Regularly provide VoIP software upgrade and maintenance( most focus on improving the quality of service and add missing features)



There are several inmates’ phone service companies in the country, but none provides quality services like Securus Technologies. The company even managed to break the world record of calls made by inmates in a month. Apart from the quality of service, the company also focuses on calling rates to ensure most inmates can afford to call their loved ones.




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