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Lime Crime Leader Doe Deere, Speaks On Leadership 1

Doe Deere is an imaginative, ambitious and devoted business lady and artist. She uses her wild imagination to be different from other entrepreneurs in the makeup industry. Doe is a nonconformist who uses makeup to encourage her clients to use them as a form of expression as opposed to using it to conceal their imperfections. She believes that the colour chosen can change the mood and the way people regard them. The Queen of Unicorns shares her story with Ideamensch.

Doe has always been business minded since she was a young girl. Her creativity was first experienced when she set out for a market research and came up with the idea of purchasing temporary tattoos from the market at a cheaper price and selling them to her classmates for a profit. She also found out her passion for colourful makeup, hair and polish when she was young, at a slumber party with her friends. She realized that her mother only had the dull colours.

Lime Crime Makeup was born in 2008 out of a need for a much more colourful lipstick. Doe knew right there that she was the person to revolutionize the industry with her nonconformist products. So far, the company has more than twenty brands of lipsticks. Together with her creative and marketing team, the company has been able to produce vegan based products and are marketed strategically to their clients.

Doe Deere has her beliefs when it comes to makeup. She believes that makeup should be used in expressions. She believes that beauty is skin deep and should not be concealed with makeup. However when one is having a dull day, untamed or a happy day, they should be able to match their mood with the makeup they choose to wear that day.

Doe Deere is a strong believer in having good leadership. She encourages entrepreneurs to guide their employees and inspire them through their career growths and development. Leading employees with rules and an iron fist discourages them and intimidates them which blocks creativity that is important in this era. Doe asks entrepreneurs to be smart as they guide and drive their employees to achieving their companies’ goals and missions.

Doe is also grateful to his partner and husband Mark. The two have been through challenges in their careers and finally have seen a breakthrough. They are both huge supporters of women in the entrepreneurship industry and encourages them every chance they get.

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  1. There is one time I appreciated about Doe Deere. She knew what she was in for and had focus, while being determined to stay close the goal she had. When the opportunity came essay on time makes a public notice of it, and of she goes like a cat just let out of a sag. Today, she is zooming everywhere she likes.

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