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Tony Petrello And His Successful Career At Nabors

Tony Petrello is among few executives who have achieved success leading big and complex corporations. He is also among few professionals who have held leadership positions at companies for over 20 years.

When he joined Nabors in 1991, he had just worked with few companies previously and none was as big and promising as Nabors. The management of the company voted him in to join the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, an action that was followed by him clenching the top seat as the CEO and President of the company in the same year.

Pursuing his career and passion diligently has seen Tony Petrello become one of the most sought after executives. It is due to the success he has achieved while leading Nabors that has been attracting offers from various companies. Although he also faced challenges like any other executive, his way of dealing with problems allowed him to emerge a victor and to seamlessly lead the company to achieving its goals seamlessly. Today, Nabors is based in more than 20 countries and its growth has been gradual and moving towards getting the company to rank among the best in the industry.

Nabors Industries runs the world’s largest drilling rig fleet and has several subsidiaries that manufacture and distribute rigs, drawworks, wrenches and related items. Held by the spirit of innovation and creativity, the professional team that has been steering the company has helped to offer solutions that have seen the company grow seamlessly. Nabors encourages and supports creativity, which has allowed them to come up with unique solutions to various problems.

Under Tony Petrello, the company extended its quest for accountability and great leadership that is inspired by truthfulness. Petrello has been implementing this idea and the results have been an honest team that is committed to offering clients what they promise. Nabors prides itself in its work and this shows the quality of the products that are offered to the market. Tony Petrello has pushed for the development of the company through the introduction of policies that encourage all workers to advance their skills and knowledge of different technologies.

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