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Karl Heideck: Top Philadelphia Civil Litigator

Karl Heideck: Top Philadelphia Civil LitigatorWhat do we think of when we think of a lawyer? The public’s general idea, that we see when we visualize a lawyer, is a litigation lawyer. Litigators are the lawyers that do the magic in the courtroom. They are the men and women that do the arguing and speaking in front of judges and juries. A litigator must be fearless and be able to articulate their thoughts and arguments flawlessly if they want to be successful and are the ones that head all aspects of representing their clients in cases.

Most lawyers are civil litigators. After earning their bachelors degree, litigators can then take the law school admissions test(LSAT). After completing three years of law school, then the student can take the bar and ethics exam to achieve their license to practice law.

Karl Heideck is a practicing litigator in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia has a long history of litigators and currently has one of the top ones in Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck has been a practicing litigator in Philadelphia for over ten years. He is currently a contract attorney specializing in compliance and risk management. Karl Heideck has history in corporate law, employment law, and also has a skill set in the interest of legal writing and commercial litigation.

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Karl Heideck earned his B.A. in English Language and Literature at Swarthmore College and studied law at Temple University. Karl Heideck started his career as an associate at Conrad O’Brien handling clients in commercial litigation and was a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. At Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck was a top level quality control specialist and was very detail orientated. Currently, Karl Heideck is a contract attorney with Grant & Eisenhofer specializing in all aspects of operations concerning the sub-prime banking crisis of 2008.


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