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End Citizen’s United, Fighting For The Power Of The Common People

A few years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States of America passed a ruling which changed the course of American politics. The bill in question was the Citizens United Bill, which allowed the entry for big private companies into the American political scene. According to this, companies now had the same status as the common people, possessing a sort of individual identity. As a result, just like the common citizens in America, the companies were allowed to donate large sums of money to political parties, which exempted them from taxes. The big business who were partaking in this, avoided a lot of tax on their overall income, as well as got a chance to sway political parties in their favor. Political parties started catering especially to these big companies so that they could receive a greater amount of funds. This started an unhealthy cycle of dependence on corporates, that shouldn’t have been allowed in the system of politics. Parties started stating reforms and laws that they would like to put into place, solely for the benefit of big businesses who were investing into them. People with money and power had more say in the way the government functions than the actual people, which goes against the very nature of democracy. Soon the focus of reforms and benefit shifted from the people of the country to the businesses investing into the government.


There were many consequences of this act which wasn’t favorable to the people of America and the future of the country as a whole. Corruption started to spread rapidly among political parties, with companies trying to bribe certain parties to sway their governmental decisions in their favor.


As a result of this, there was an extensive amount of unrest in the country. People began to feel that just because they weren’t the owners of a large company, they could not possibly have any influence over the political parties chosen to be put into power. As a result, more and more people stopped voting, mainly because they felt powerless. This led to the wrong set of people getting elected to positions within the government, which affects the common people even more. In the 2016 presidential elections, more than half the voting population in most states of the country didn’t show up to their designated polling booths.


End Citizen’s United was formed to combat this unjust bill, and to give the people of America a sense that they still have a say in their political matters. End Citizen’s United sides with the Democratic Party as they believe that it is the option that will benefit the citizens the most. The organization is currently lobbying for the re-election of certain positions in the government, which they feel will be beneficial to the country as a whole.




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