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Working With Securus Technologies to Nap a Suspect on the Run 1

When you work on the fugitive task force, there is no such thing as a set schedule. If I get a lead on a suspect at midnight, I need to be in my truck and to the scene as quickly as possible if I am going to get this suspect off the streets. The frustration of not being able to close each case can really bring you down some days, luckily we have some resources that help us to put many of these guys behind bars where they belong.


The informants that we are in contact with all help us to get a read on these suspects, but the higher up the criminal, the less people are willing to talk. If a suspect is dangerous and on the lose, people are just afraid this person will cause them or their family harm. So in that respect, we really have limited ways to find these guys without inside help.


That being said, one of the standbys as far as a reliable resource was the inmate phone system. We could monitor calls and try to pick up conversations that could help us catch these bad guys. With the help of Securus Technologies and CEO Richard Smith, we now have a new inmate communication system in our jail that has changed the way we hunt fugitives. This Dallas TX based company employs 1,000 people, who all hold true to the objective of making this world a much safer place.


Once I was trained to use the LBS software on the phone system, I got immediate results. I was able to hear chatter between an inmate and family member who were friends with a suspect that was on the run. When they tipped us off to this inmate getting a new identity, we were able to close the gap and get him back in jail.


  1. Making sure that there is operations within the line is what Securus Technology now have to do if they must be used. For that would have been satisfactory in the results they deliver. However, having LBS software to manage the phone system is the better options to make sure that they are legally covered.

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