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Todd Lubar Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey 1

Todd contends that he has vast experience in finance and credit industry. Lubar’s passion is helping people to fulfill their dreams. He posits that the best way of helping people is by getting rid of the obstacles that prevent them from acquiring loans. Lubar makes money by finding the will in individuals to achieve their goals. According to the executive, most people spend their lives daydreaming on what they would like to achieve in their life, but few take active steps towards that direction. Lubar supports the people who dare to follow their passion to achieve their goals in life.

According to Hacronym, Todd says that he landed his first customer in the mid 90’s when he was working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a devoted loan originator. Here, he quickly learned about the conservative model of business. It is at this company that Lubar developed his business skills by working closely with financial planners, real estate agents, CPA’s, customers and insurance agents. Today, these professionals form a crucial part of Todd’s business through the many people that they have referred to his business. Lubar posits that he tries to put more efforts in his business to ensure the success of the same with relatively small setbacks. His top priority is to know everything that goes on in his business. Todd’s mantra is to pay attention to detail, as it helps him to make informed decisions. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

About Todd Lubar

Todd graduated with a speech communication major from the Syracuse University. The president of TDL Global Ventures has recruited a team of market professionals to cater to the diverse needs of its large client base. After working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he joined Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas. While working for this financial institution, Todd played a pivotal role in growing the Maryland Office to generate millions of dollars in loan volume. He worked for the firm until 2005.

Later, Todd Lubar accepted a new role at Charter Funding as a senior vice president. The company is one of the divisions of Magnus Financial Corporation. The shrewd entrepreneur contends that mortgage banking has been his most impressive skill in the world of business. Besides TDL Ventures, Todd has ventured into other businesses, including demolition, recycling business and managing a nightclub.

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