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It’s Highland Capital Or The Highway

In the world of investing, numerous companies compete against each other. Moreover, they offer consumers numerous good and services. Although these companies remain plentiful, only a few of them aim to please their customers. Moreover, only a few of these companies possess the ability to persuade their clients to remain loyal. However, some companies manage to remain industry leaders. Furthermore, these companies remain able to provide the utmost customer service to their clients. For those unaware, Highland Capital Management remains the company in reference. Moreover, few companies can compare to the offerings of Highland Capital Management.


Whether big or small, the company has kept a fruitful relationship with their clients. Although based in Dallas, TX, the company has numerous operations in countries such as Korea. In fact, the company’s Korean branch has remained responsible for an equity fund worth over $147 million dollars. Initially, South Korea’s National Pension Service remained responsible for the fund. In fact, this company remains worth nearly $500 billion dollars. Moreover, the South Korea’s National Pension Service opened its operations in 1988. Oftentimes, investors refer to Highland Capital Management with specific goals that they plan to accomplish. Moreover, these objectives usually pertain to achieving a return on their investment within the healthcare industry.


In addition, Highland Capital plans on working with Stonebridge Capital. For those unaware, Stonebridge Capital remains a prominent venture capital firm in Korea. Furthermore, the company also specializes in private equity. Moreover, this venture remains Highland Capital’s first private equity fund in Asia that caters primarily to the healthcare market. This remains noteworthy due to Asia’s increased desire to invest in the health care sector. Aside from making powerful business moves, Highland Capital Management remains an avid ally to those in need.


For years, the company has offered its goods and services to philanthropic causes. To remain exact, the company has donated over $10 million dollars to charitable causes. Moreover, serving the community has remained a top priority among Highland Capital. With such a dedication to servicing people, it remains easy to see why the company enjoys the success that it has attained.

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