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Frontera Fund :a much needed light in dark times 1

Members of the press have always fallen under attack by those in power that don’t like being openly criticized or challenged on their policies. James Thomas Callender, Matthew Lyon and Benjamin Franklin Bache are a few journalists embedded deep in American History that have been jailed for challenging the powers that be.

The law in the US was different in those times and we’d like to think that our country is light years away from that kind of behavior. We’d like to believe that our journalists are protected under the first amendment. The truth is that they are not; in Montana Gop Candidate Greg Gianforte physically assaulted Ben Jacobs for asking him questions? Gianforte was rewarded by the people of Montana by being elected. On October 18th, 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were added to the list of journalists jailed in the US for publishing information a public official didn’t like. The first amendment explicitly protects our press against this kind of treatment.

Lacey and Larkin Invest in Justice and Human Rights

After being released Lacey and Larkin sued and won 3.7 million dollars and instead of choosing to enrich themselves, they put the money towards the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. A civil rights organization dedicated to human rights and freedom of speech. In many states especially those on the southern border, Latinos are facing open discrimination and racial profiling by police agencies.

Tens of Millions of Americans support constructing a border wall, which is nothing more than a symbol of ignorance and gross hypocrisy. Most drugs arrive in the US via boat, truck and plane and at some point in history, European ancestors came to this land as immigrants seeking a better life and freedom from many forms of opression and bigotry. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

 Kindred Spirits On the Battlefield

Hate and injustice seem to be these slowly dying monsters desperately trying to stave off the inevitable, and they are determined to go kicking and screaming into the night. Frontera Fund joins the ranks of organizations that stand up for the oppressed.

There was a time in this country where women could not vote and women still face many challenges today. In 1966 NOW was founded; the National Organization for Women has been fighting back against those that have sought to keep women as 2nd class citizens. Women have and continue to be denied opportunities previously reserved only for men. Read more: Phoenix New Time

You would hard pressed to find someone today that has not seen the footage from the 1960’s civil rights movements. The footage displays black protesters being sprayed with high-powered hoses or being attacked by dogs for daring to ask for equal treatment. In 1909 the NAACP was founded to combat this kind of treatment of minority groups.

With all the ignorance swirling around in 2017 it’s imperative to support civil rights organizations as they are the catalysts that carry the will of the people to the world. America is diverse and unique with many different colored stripes and stars. Commend two of our brightest stars, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

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