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Whitney Wolfe Makes People Mindful Of Potential Dating Matches 1

It can be difficult for people to resist comparing the Bumble app that was created by Whitney Wolfe to another popular dating app called Tinder. There is a reason that there are a lot of similarities between these apps. One of the biggest reasons is that Whitney Wolfe was also on board when the Tinder dating app was created.

She knows exactly how this app works because she has put a considerable amount of time into the vision behind the swiping concept that has made this dating app so popular. Most people that have used the Tinder dating app will be right at home with the Bumble dating app. This is something that Whitney Wolfe did to establish common ground, but she did not put all of her focus on duplicating an app that would be identical to Tinder. What Whitney Wolfe has done instead is create the type of dating app that has managed to get people to talk about her innovative vision. Click Here for More Info.

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Many people are going to appreciate Whitney Wolfe because she has put herself in a place to actually change the dating app landscape. She makes people conscious of the potential dating matches that they have because she put the 24-hour period on the time frame that these matches are available. This alone is something that revolutionizes an online dating app industry that has become filled with apps where people sign up, create profiles and never come back to the dating apps.

There are a ton of single men and women that go to dating apps in search of someone to connect with. In many instances the people that are sending messages to potential singles will find themselves disappointed because the people they message are not even checking their messages on a regular basis.

The Bumble app keeps people mindful of what they are doing when they sign up for a dating app. The matches expire within a 24-hour period so this makes people mindful of checking their inbox. No one is going to want to miss a match if they are serious about dating and finding love.

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  1. Quite interesting to know that this is the new trend in town when it comes to dating and it looks much more easier to me than the natural method of asking a girl out. Also, with the help of, most of the innovations that has been introduced into the system of dating through a mobile application makes it even more interesting and alluring to try out. Although, i personally prefer the natural way of dating because i will be able to see ingenuousness in the eyes of my potential partner unlike online i wouldn’t write Whitney off just yet.

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