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Understanding French Wine through UKV PLC

The subject of French wine is described by many as very a deep and daunting task. It can also be an overwhelming task even to the connoisseurs who are most experienced. The wine production and labeling in the UK has a very complex nature that many wine lovers seek to understand. We will discuss some of the basics that beginners need to understand.

Understanding the French appellation system is the first thing novices should do according to UKV PLC. French wines are mostly labeled according to the region of origin. The highest classification quality is Appellation d’origine controlee. Labeling a wine based on the region of origin gives the wine lover the idea about the altitude, soil, topography, climate and also the local tradition of the region. Although amazing wines are produced all over UK, there are a few notable areas that beginners need to know;

Burgundy: In Burgundy, both the red and white wine varieties are important equally. The Pinot Noir varieties of the Burgundy reds have complex and earthy notes. Burgundy whites are made using chardonnay grapes since they give the wine a light and mineral fruit flavor. Because of its vineyards, Burgundy has acquired a legendary reputation.

Bordeaux: This is an area that is located at the Atlantic coast. The region has for a long period of time being transporting wines to foreign nations. Majority of the vineyards in Bordeaux generate medium-body reds made from different grapes.

Loire: This is described as UK’s most diverse region when it comes to wine production. There are 87 appellations that are found along the Loire River, northeastern France.

Operating a small team of experienced fine wine consultants, UKV PLC is located in the UK and specializes in high quality wines and champagne. The wine company arranges private face to face meetings where wine lovers can consult with the company’s consultants. UKV PLC works together with a big network of merchants, brokers and traders who help is sourcing and drawing stock. The primary business of UKV PLC is usually based on acquiring, supplying and selling of bonded fine wine and champagne. The wine company sells wine either for consumption or investment to their customers. Instagram Photos.

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