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How Securus Technologies Keeps Officers Safe

When I show up for work each day at the local prison, I realize that this could be my last day simply because the inmates would love nothing more than to hurt an officer. These inmates have no other authority figures to take out their frustration for their sentence, so me and my fellow corrections officers usually have to deal with that anger and hostility. Each day we have to work hard to make sure peace is maintained throughout the facility.


One of the things we do each day is to sweep the prison for any signs of illegal contraband that could be used to make things go from dangerous to deadly. One weapon in the hands of an inmate could result in trouble for an officer, another inmate, or even one of our visitors. We do daily searches of cells for anything that should not be there. We do body searches of inmate and visitor during those times when they can see people from the outside.


When our inmate call monitoring system got an upgrade, Securus Technologies was there to make sure we had the best possible resource in our hands to combat these issues. The system is currently in over two thousand jails, and the company has a single objective of keeping our world safe for each of us. We learned quickly how to use the LBS software, and it showed immediate results.


My team was alerted when the call monitoring system picked up chatter from an inmate talking about a weapon he made from supplies he took from the mail room. One inmate was instructing his sister on how to mail heroin to him. We even heard an inmate tell his family how he is selling drugs for the local gang to make money so he could hit the commissary for cigarettes.


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