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Eric Pulier: A real life Tony Stark

Eric Pulier has been in the business of being in business for 26 years. Eric graduated with  Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988. He is the co-author of “Understanding Enterprise SOA” and has featured in many news articles of the years. With a vast empire stretching from venture capital and cloud based computing all the way through to providing social networks for sick children and helping young adults to attend college. He even produced a movie in 2006 titled “The Little Death”, a micro budget mystery thriller film that premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival, winning two awards. One at VISIONFEST in New York City and the other at the Lake Forest Film Festival.

Eric Pulier true Entrepreneur with a heart of gold. Among his many Philanthropic feats he has, donated software, worked with the Multiple Sclerosis society and given his time to XPRIZE which is a nonprofit that manages public competitions to produce technological developments that could benefit humanity. Furthermore, as an inventor in his own right, Mr. Pulier has 22 patents to his name most of which are IT based. IT and software has been the concern for much of his career and with every idea or invention he has always thought of the betterment it would bring to society to learn more: click here.

One of his most exciting ventures to date would have to be the company he founded known as vAtomic. vAtomic is an internet company built on the idea that the physical and the digital world can be merged to create better experiences and that sounds like an exciting prospect.

Eric does indeed have a busy working life. However, when he is not chairing a board meeting for one of his many charities or inventing the next innovative product, he devotes his time to his 4 children and the dogs at his home in Los Angeles.

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