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The Big-Hearted CEO of OSI Group 1

According to, Sheldon Lavin, who’s the Chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group, has a profile that’s prestigious in the food and meat industry. Currently, he’s also serving at OSI International Foods Ltd. as the president. He’s always active in all aspects of the company’s many global operations, making sure that quality and efficiency are highly prioritized. With Lavin’s leadership and vision, OSI Group expanded rapidly from an enterprise of the domestic food processing to a global blueprint for business success. He’s been a perfect example of serving and leading for the young entrepreneurs. asked him what he liked about financial consulting, and he said that he always envisioned working for a business that he owned. Lavin’s educational background is in finance and accounting, so he decided to pursue that path professionally. He explained how he started in the industry of meat processing; the Kolschowsky family had built the first facility for meat processing in West Chicago. Lavin arranged its financing. The company was initially called Otto & Sons; it was named after the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky; they later changed the name to OSI Industries. His continuous involvement with that company ultimately led him to become the company’s owner.

According to Larvin’s interview with, he said that from the beginning when he joined OSI Group he aimed at growing the company to being a world-class enterprise for food processing. He continued saying that OSI has over 70 facilities located in 17 nations. Innovation has always been in his DNA, but the company nurtured it. The company is passionate about giving back to their communities which they are operating. Lavin said that his vision for OSI Group is continuing having growth that’s profitable, serving world-class results to the degree of a polynomial (Nth degree), in every aspect.

Lavin is not planning to stop now; he’s devoted to supporting a sustainable supply chain, reducing environmental impact as well as ensuring socially responsible contributions to communities and workers worldwide. Also, he’s always generously donating to charities for chronic illnesses, Jewish organizations, college funds, and sick children.

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