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Nathanial Ru Makes An Everlasting Statement Of Health And Quality With Sweetgreens

In a world where unhealthy fast food restaurants occupy almost every corner Sweetgreen stands out like a beacon. This is a charming restaurant that offers healthy, locally grown, and organic foods with a unique appeal and a delicious taste. There is not a short line at any of Sweetgreen’s forty locations because they represent exactly what consumers want in the modern food industry.

According to Nathanial Ru, Sweetgreen’s was created as a symbol to allow people to choose food of a natural and high quality. Technology played a large part in the success of the restaurants with the offerings of mobile apps and websites to make transactions smooth and easy.

Sweetgreen’s is not like other restaurants and even their corporate executives work at the restaurants numerous times each year. They never forget the focus of the business is the importance of their customers. Nathanial Ru has no use for a corporate headquarters because the company is about benefitting the customers. Everything started with three good friends attending college together.

Nathanial Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet were the perfect combination to create Sweetgreen’s. Their mission was to bring a restaurant serving health choices to Georgetown and they succeeded brilliantly. Sweetgreen’s is an example of what can be built with common goals and teamwork. Nathanial Ru learned quickly the importance of surrounding himself with a team he could count on, a team he could trust.

Nathanial Ru is well educated and holds a BS in finance. He applied his education to the founding of Sweetgreen’s which began as a casual kitchen in Georgetown and has since expanded to 27 locations.

He never cut corners and developed the restaurants into a symbol of quality, health, taste, imagination, and excellence. The restaurants are still expanding and growing but retain the standards that originally made them popular.

Nathanial Ru believes people should be able to have a healthy meal within their budget, not have to compromise their values, and benefit their communities. Sweetgreen’s is so much more than a restaurant, it is a statement that appeals to the diners, the community, the local farmers, and the men responsible for the idea.

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