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Freedom Financial Asset Management Vice President gives valuable Tips to Parents

The final month of summer has officially begun, and most parents are now getting started to think about upcoming school year. Back-to-school activities are some of the worst nightmares that parents face as most find it hard to adjust themselves. However, Kelvin Gallegos, the current vice president shares that Freedom Financial Asset Management has these few tips that may help parents. Being one of the successful personnel in a financial management company, it is evident that he knows enough about planning or getting organized. The following are some of the core points that every parent should consider.

1. Have a Solid supply list

Having a plan is a key thing that every person should have. Kelvin Gallegos confesses of always writing down a firm plan both at personal and at managerial level. Writing down a supply list does not necessarily mean that you don’t have enough money, but it’s a vital part of being organized and thorough. He says that a well written down supply list promotes healthy money management.

2. A well-compiled budget

Despite being in one of the most profitable organizations, Freedom Financial Asset Management, Kevin Gallegos recommends that having a back to school budget is important. The budget should always be built from the parent or child goals and objectives. This minimizes wastage of money or spending on stuff that does not matter. According to Gallegos, every coin matters!

3. Develop a routine

Everyone needs a routine; even wild animals have developed their routines. This makes it easy to manage our livesĀ  increase productivity. According to the VP of Freedom Financial Asset Management, any company without a solid routine is as good as dead. Therefore, to avoid the hustle and bustle with kids, a parent should have a routine program or a timetable that guides and directs everyone within the house.

Adhering to these three key things will reduce the stress and pressure involved with back-to-school activities. It enhances proper self-management and smooth transition from late summer nights to early school mornings.

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