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NFL Alumni Joins Cancer Treatment Centers of America to Offer Free Screenings

One of the biggest threats to men is prostate cancer. A person with prostate cancer stands a far better chance at treatment of the disease than someone who goes undiagnosed; therefore, it is far better to get screened at a younger age. According to an article from PR Newswire, “prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men.” Additionally, PR Newswire reports that one out of every seven men i diagnosed with some form of the deadly disease. The article discusses an event happening to provide many men will have the opportunity to get an examination for free as part of a new partnership within the medical community.

The big event is happening between September 1st and October 15th of 2017. This is an opportunity for all eligible men over 40 to get screened for prostate cancer. It is a partnered event between some big players from the medical community along with the National Football League Alumni Association. The NFLA is being joined by Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well as Labcorp to offer 2,000 men a free screening. After the first 2,000 clients, the rest of the guys who are interested will have the option to screen for a low rate of $25.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been open since 1988 to provide a treatment alternative for people diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides clients with multiple types of cancer treatment options to support their needs. The approach they offer is centered on client needs rather than a systematic approach to healing.

As we approach the end of the enrollment period for the free screening, it is important to remember Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers new patients a staff of well-qualified and trained doctors, nurses, and technicians. The staff of oncologists have been trained to fight a wide range of cancer types. They are dedicated to provide the best care possible.


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