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Some of the Splendid Qualities that have Led to Julia Jackson’s Success.

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson possesses various traits that make her an appreciated Jackson Family Wine business proprietor. She is a valuable inclusion to the family wine business. She is also a role model for many women worldwide.Julia is the child of the late Jesse Jackson and Barbara Banke. His father was a legend in the wine business. She did her Bachelor’s Degree in business in ScrippsCollege and continued with her Master’sDegree at Stanford University.She is a very hard working woman who does her best together with others in the firm to ensure that they manufacture unique and quality wine. She developed this work ethic at a tender age in the family. For example, there were days they were motivated by their parents to collect grapes when the temperatures outside were above 100 degrees. The experience laid a good foundation for her. Some of the wine varietals that they offer their customer include Bordeaux, Sauvignon blend, Chardonnay, and others.From her childhood, Julia has had an interest in wine. Therefore, she is more zealous in her job because she is doing something that she loves.

Julia JacksonJulia’s is a very social person and a good marketer. She uses both qualities to present wines produced by Jackson’s firm to various people including celebrities.Some of the celebrities she has interacted and talked with include Lady Gaga, Keira Knightley, Harvey Weinstein, Zac Posen, Jennifer Lopez, Lorraine Toussaint, and many others.Her remarkable personality, business skills, and the broad social network has helped accelerate the family firm a notch higher and produced a bright future for it.Worldwide people celebrate Julia as a great philanthropist. She is the founder of a program called Cambia Seed of Empowerment that motivates women globally. The program shows women who have overcome various challenges and succeeded in their lives. She has also donated funds to various non-profitable organizations that assist women facing adversities.It is a fact that for Julia the sky is not the limit, she is willing to do more to see the Jackson’s Family Wine remain among the best wine supplier. Therefore, her future looks brighter.

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