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Why These Two Ingredients In Organo Gold Has Exploded Sales

The healthy coffee, launched by Organo Gold has been around for nearly a decade, but the most interesting note about this healthy drink is what the CEO has been claiming all along; it can benefit the body.

According to a published study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, coffee decreases the risk of coronary heart disease. Clinical studies show that those who drink coffee regularly have fewer strokes, less heart problems, and are less likely to endure cardiovascular diseases.

It’s the most popular drink worldwide and continues to experience rapid growth. With consumers understanding the benefits of coffee, like the antioxidant component, complimented by the infused Ganoderma Lucidem, also called Reishi mushroom, Organo Gold’s healthy coffee has experienced significant popularity.

Organo Gold, developed by Philippine-born CEO, Bernardo Chua, combines premium coffee beans infused with Ganoderma Lucidem, a medicinal Asian mushroom. According to Asian culture, this mushroom can be used to treat allergies, inflammation, heart disease, and more. Coffee is also an antioxidant and contains a magic bullet called Chlorogenic Acid. This ingredient can lower blood sugar levels, resulting in lower fat formation. It also keeps insulin levels balanced.

Chlorogenic acid can inhibit two enzymes in the body, which reduce the absorption of glucose from the diet. This is critical for diabetics. It also increases oxidation, which activates metabolism in the liver, reducing not only body weight but, more importantly, the amount of fat in the body. Organo Gold has capitalized on these facts, and by combining coffee with the Reishi mushroom, the company has developed a heck of a drink.

The company was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, and for nearly a decade Organo Gold has developed a full line of healthy beverages and personal care products. Besides premium coffee, the company also manufacturers green and red tea, hot cocoa, and antioxidant-infused soap.

Headquartered in British Columbia, the company began with one employee exploding with more than 500 workers today, and growing from a one-room office into one of the biggest MLM companies [ranked 55th] nationwide. They became the first coffee company in the United States to infuse a Chinese medicinal element – Reishi – with coffee.

Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold has built the company into a multi-million dollar firm.

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