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Rocketship Education Is One Of The Best For A Reason – Here’s Why

Preston Smith is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Rocketship Education, a system of charter schools open to public students grades K through 5. He founded the nonprofit organization in 2007, with the help of a fellow educator named John Danner. While Smith had a background exclusively in the application of educational theory in early childhood education, John Danner was able to make software that fits what Rocketship Education needed to teach its students well and excel in the American public school system.

Mr. Smith shared a few things he had picked up from operating the line of schools over the past ten years, of which he’s served various roles. However, Mr. Preston Smith has always been on the ground as a “foot soldier,” keeping an eye on what’s actually going on at the schools he helped found.

Here are several of those sentiments. Many will find that they can be applied to situations throughout public education, regardless of the income levels or demographic makeup involved.

Students should never stop trying to learn, especially over summer. As many young students are not concerned with learning over these vacation months, it’s imperative for parents to hop in and encourage them to read material regarding things they dealt with in class, in addition to using software that facilitates personalized education, the characteristic that sets Rocketship Education apart from the majority of the educational world.

As every single installment in the line of eighteen public charter schools belonging to Rocketship Education is found in poor, low-income areas, it’s important to interact with students in ways they will most closely be associated with their teachers and administrators.

Strive to teach children whatever they can. However, parents might have to ask teachers that work at the same school their kid goes to for help.

Rocketship Education should also never discriminate on any characteristics. To help low-income, Mexican students stay in school, all 18 locations have safe zones in which parents can’t be abducted by government agencies.

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