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Life Line Screening Is A Must For All Americans

Life Line Screening is a corporation that offers heart tests for all Americans. The creators of Life Line Screening decided to open this establishment after discovering that almost one million people in America die every year due to heart disease. Most of these people would be saved if they knew heart disease was lingering in them and what steps they should take to fight it.

Life Line Screening checks for signs of heart disease before the disease takes over the heart. Life Line Screening also offers a plan for the patient to fight the disease. This plan will have to do with changing their diet and exercising on a daily basis.

Heart disease is considered the most silent killer in the world. Doctors rarely look for heart disease until it’s too late. This happens because everyone has clogged arteries to a degree, so doctors consider problems of the heart normal. It is recommended that all people over the age of 18 should be checked for heart disease every year. If the disease can be spotted in its infancy, it is possible for the patient to be fully cured.

Life Line Screening exists in Texas, but they accept patients from all over the United States. No insurance is needed, the process takes less than 15 minutes, and everything is absolutely free. Life Line Screening is working on establishing clinics in all 50 states. Life Line Screening is trying to get several grants from the government.

Life Line Screening acts as a not-for-profit organization, so it relies solely on financial support from people in the community. Life Line Screening is lucky enough to have several of the best heart doctors in America work in establishment, but these doctors need to be paid. This is why Life Line Screening has not opened establishments outside of Texas yet, but Life Line Screening is expected to have at least two grants given to them in early 2018. These two grants are expected to amount to more than two million dollars. This will be enough to open at least two more establishments outside of Texas.

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