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David McDonald Has A Hand In Expanding OSI Group Globally

David McDonald is the CEO and President of OSI Group LLC, and was formally the project manager. McDonald is the North American Meat Institute Chairman and has been for Marfrig Global Foods SA;s Independent Director since the end of 2008. McDonald graduated Iowa State with an Animal Science degree.

Organizations with branches around the world cannot have an operation that is one size fits all while individualizing them to each location. The way that the company is run will be affected by a number of things including regulations and the consumer. When it come to the industry of food the taste buds of consumers also have to be taken into consideration.

OSI Group President David McDonald has stated that the organization is well positioned with the global network and has people in plants or offices around the world. The global organization has management teams locally that understand local tastes and cultures which gives it power on a global scale, efficiency and solutions locally. OSI Group headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois, the organization leads the value added protein items supply on a global scale. Products include beef patties, sausage links, pizza and sandwiches are also supplied to leading retail and foodservice brands.

OSI Group is privately held with operations in seventeen countries and over fifty facilities. The corporations is attempting to expand in China using a strategy of local solutions and global efficiency. The corporation has been operating in china for two decades and has grown with the economy of the country. There are eight factories and two more facilities being built in China which will make OSI the nation’s largest producer of poultry.

Production at the Plant

OSI has announced plans to build several new production and processing facilities around the world in addition to its endeavors in China. There is a new facility for processing beef in Poland to replace an existing facility and increase the staff of the plant by thirty percent. There will be a new feed mill opening in Shandong Province with the capacity of six hundred thousand metric tons making it one of the largest in China.

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