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TMS Health Solutions—Happiness is Key

TMS Health Solutions is a health services company based in California (TMS Therapy Oakland). Its dedicated team of clinicians devotes their time to research, education, and treating patients who suffer from treatment-resistant depression.


For anyone who has been diagnosed with depression, you know that it can be a major hindrance to daily life. Some individuals suffering from mental illness have the misfortune of suffering through it without the help of effective treatment. TMS Health Solutions’ philosophy is to treat every patient with compassion and dedication. They do not give up on anyone and never pass up a case. If you need help, they will work with you to assist you.


The company logo is a butterfly. It represents the hopes that TMS has for its patients. The butterfly represents change—metamorphosis. When a patient comes to TMS Health Solutions usually it is because other ways of treatment have not been effective. But TMS seeks to help the toughest cases of mental health illness and help their patients improve their lives.


TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007 by a passionate team of psychiatrists. The head of the group was Dr. Richard Bermudes. He wanted to create TMS in order to treat each patient based on scientific research and innovative treatment. His methods are patient-centric—they are based on each patient’s unique needs.


The newest technology and groundbreaking studies in mental health help TMS Health Solutions in getting to know what each patient needs in order to achieve better health. They pride themselves on thinking outside the box and thriving in an encouraging environment.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy has shown proven results. Clinical studies have shown that 50 percent of TMS patients show a reduction in their depression symptoms and 33 percent of patients show no symptoms of depression after six weeks. Antidepressants are shown to only achieve remission of depression in 15 percent of patients


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