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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The New President Of Bradesco Bank Means Changes To The CEO Position

There are a lot of unique things that will happen in the future for Bradesco Bank. This has to do with the way that the organization has been established as well as the incumbent requirements for new leadership. Lazaro Bradao has been the long standing president, with time in the office exceeding twenty five years. He has been part of the company for so long that it is a novel change that is being garnered based on the current standards of operation. Not only has he stepped down, but he has named Luiz Carlos Trabuco as his successor.

Trabuco has a long reputation of problem solving and excellent leadership in the organization. This is based on his continual development of solutions that have garnered long term benefits to all of those involved. Since there are so many standards of operation that he has excelled at it, it will be a tough decision to replace him. Since the office of President and CEO cannot be operated by the same individual, it will be important that he is able to be replaced by someone in the coming months. This decision has been propagated by infrastructure solutions in addition to changes in the way that products and services are managed.

Trabuco started as clerk since he graduated from University of Sao Paolo. He worked in Marilia branch. He worked from different positions of the bank from department director, marketing director, Vice President and president of the bank in different subsidiaries of Bank Seguros.

While Trabuco will continue to create positive change in the organization from the position of President, it is thought that his replacement will be selected from the major executives available in the company presently. The decision has not yet been made, and will be done in private. Brandao is said to be part of this process as well because of his consistent attention to detail and interest in the bank at large. Since he will be an influential figure in the organization it is vital to see establish the best standards of operation.


There are several key players when it comes to the development of better standards of operation. Since there are long term consequences for this decision, Brandao will continue to have a role in the management of holding companies and related endeavors. There are a lot of people who will be considered for the position. Some of them include individuals such as chief executives and people who have been influential in mergers and acquisitions of different levels according to Overall the outcomes of these standards of operation will influence banking in Brazil at large. This is because of the vast differences that are there in existing infrastructure and the future expectations or needs of the banking industry. Brandao also advocated that better care be taken of digital transactions in the future. He finds this to be the responsibility of the board in order to improve the way that people are able to interact with their finances on an ongoing basis.

Some of the people who are in the running for CEO have been selected for their ability to address this very particular concern. For example, Mauricio Machado de Minas is a top candidate and has been in the information technology department for some time. His years of expertise as well as keen attention to digital standards of operation have shown a keen and innovative side. This has been a favorable way that he has helped the organization since 2009 when he was first established in the Bank. There are a lot of ways that this has contributed to the continual development of the organization and attests to the way that he will be able to create results no matter what the circumstances are. While there are six other candidates, the decision will be based on the ability for the new CEO to address current and future trends in the industry.

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