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Jose Auriemo Neto’s Significant Contribution to JHSF

Jose Auremio Nieto is the current CEO and Chairman of JHSF. He finished his education at the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University located in Sao Paolo Brazil. He started working with JHSF Partipacoes SA in 1993. Being a new employee who just began his career, Jose Auriemo Neto did his best to excel in his duties at work. It was then that he got the opportunity to create a services department under the wing of the company called Parkbem – an entity that handles parking lots.After his preliminary success in creating Parkbem, it was followed by being given the opportunity to get the rights for the construction of the Shopping Santa Cruz in 1998 that Jose Auriemo Neto oversaw its completion from start to finish efficiently.


Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and CEO of JHSF Partipacoes SA. The company is a real estate development corporation that concentrates on the construction of commercial properties as well as residential properties in the country of Brazil.The JHSF Company started off as a construction company which was established by Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo way back in 1972.When it was time to relinquish the management to a younger generation, Fabio Auriemo’s son – Jose Auriemo Neto took over the reins at the age of 27. The company benefitted excellently from the change of leadership because Jose Auriemo Neto was able to initiate diversified and innovative concepts, which helped JHSF expand in terms of assets and profits.


Jose Auriemo Neto’s main responsibility was to manage the interests of the company in buildings, hotels and other public developments. His duties likewise include the supervision of the shopping and retail properties of JHSF which comprises of the Cidade Jardim, Ponta Negra, Bela Vista, and the Metro Tucuruv. Current construction progresses are on-going for two projects of the company that are located in Sau Paulo in order to take advantage of the rising economy in Brazil.In 2009, Auriemo Neto managed the very first shopping mall complex project of the company that gave him the chance to introduce prominent global brands such as Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo, who opened their first shop outlets at JHSF’s Cidade Jardim. Then in 2012, the company once again signed an exclusive agreement with Valentino, a fashion group, launched their primary outlets – the R.E.D. Valentino and Valentino retail stores in Brazil.

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