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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Mike Baur: Selfless Entrepreneurial Insights of Business Startups

In Switzerland, new opportunities for business startups are increasingly rising. The lucky thing is the presence of people like Mike Baur who are offering chances for young entrepreneurs to build businesses from zero level. He helps in the launching of businesses through his program in Swiss Startup Factory. The program entails mentor-ship sessions where many […]

Sheldon Lavin, setting the pace in the meat processing industry

Sheldon Lavin is a man who acts as a role model to many people across the world. This is thanks to his determination and dedication to getting a better life factors that have helped him reach where he is now. He is the powerhouse and fuel behind OSI group’s success where he is the Chief […]

A Brief History Of The Trabuco 1

Also known as a trebuchet, a Trabuco is a weapon used in sieges during the Middle Ages. This weapon, useful in battles, and originated in China in 300 BC, derived from an ancient weapon pitch called a sling or fundíbulo, commonly known as a slingshot. A sling consisted of a folded belt in which an […]

Whitney Wolfe’s Awe-Inspiring Leadership At Bumble 1

Bumble is an outstanding dating application that is known for its amazing security measures, especially to women. The unique thing about Bumble is that women initiate a conversation. Recently, Tinder sued Bumble for copyright issues. It is worth noting that Tinder is one of its competitors. Tinder filed a lawsuit claiming that Bumble violated its […]

The Future of International Trade Agreements

In order for the world to operate properly there need to be people who work on the sidelines, keeping tabs on how everyone else is doing and trying to set standards to follow. These individuals are the ones that do the negotiating, the people who put their own reputations on the line and try and […]

Sheldon Levin: Business The right way

It is common knowledge that we as humans have to eat every day to be healthy and productive in the world. The food we eat comes from nature and has to be cleaned thoroughly, checked for disease and many other necessary things before we consume it. There are many people and companies who are in […]