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Whitney Wolfe’s Awe-Inspiring Leadership At Bumble 1

Bumble is an outstanding dating application that is known for its amazing security measures, especially to women. The unique thing about Bumble is that women initiate a conversation. Recently, Tinder sued Bumble for copyright issues. It is worth noting that Tinder is one of its competitors. Tinder filed a lawsuit claiming that Bumble violated its two patents and illegally took its trade secrets. Interestingly, Tinder has always been interested in acquiring Bumble possibly to reduce competition. The lawsuit that was filed by Tinder was a way of triggering a possibility of an acquisition. Surprisingly, Bumble was not interested in working with Tinder and confirmed that the latter would never acquire it.

The chief executive of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe claimed that Tinder was intimidating her company because it is female owned. She added that Tinder was only interested in copying and buying her company but not to improve it. Whitney Wolfe said that Bumble would never compromise its operating principles and values and be part of a bully company like Tinder. She noted that her company would stand firm and shall never be shaken by corporate bullies. Mandy Ginsberg, who works at Match Group, said that they did not have any personal issues with Bumble. He said that the lawsuit only served the purpose of protecting the integrity of Tinder.

Whitney was one of the co-founders of Tinder. She served at Tinder for a short time before she left the company to start her own. Mandy says that Bumble copied most of its features. Both companies pair two parties who show interest in each other. Swiping to accept or deny matches is a popular feature of both companies. The major difference between the two is that Bumble is safer since women start the conversation.

Match Group had set aside $459 million to acquire Bumble but the offer was not accepted. However, Match group still shows its interest in acquiring Bumble. The details of the acquisition were not revealed by Match Group’s top officials. Bumble rejects all offers given by Tinder because Wolfe believes that Tinder does not aim at empowering her company.

The founder of Badoo played a significant role in the establishment of Bumble. Together with Wolfe, they combined efforts to launch Bumble. Bumble does not hesitate when it comes to exploring new areas. For example, it launched both BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF. Wolfe is an alumnus of the Southern Methodist University where she pursued International Studies.

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