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Mike Baur: Selfless Entrepreneurial Insights of Business Startups

In Switzerland, new opportunities for business startups are increasingly rising. The lucky thing is the presence of people like Mike Baur who are offering chances for young entrepreneurs to build businesses from zero level. He helps in the launching of businesses through his program in Swiss Startup Factory. The program entails mentor-ship sessions where many experts from all over analyse ideas, identify opportunities, and link the investors with such persons. Baur adds that a high level of diligence is required in the process to have good outcomes. He highlights some three additional tips for starting a business.


Mike Baur begins by acknowledging that the first thing is to be ready for doing preparation and organizing your business. That you ought not to expect anyone to do it for you. He points that any opportunity to start a business relies on the entrepreneur who needs the commitment to ensure that it happens. The other tip is in ensuring that one is able to ensure that the business adapts no matter what. It is obvious that most business will not just pick immediately but may take some time. However, at that point, it is good to ensure that it takes the right direction in terms of adapting gradually. The third secret is in understanding the risks to expect and be willing to take them as they come. Fear of taking risk will keep one off unless they are ready and willing to take the risk. Baur explains that starting the business is not taking a risk. Risk-taking comes in during the execution phase as well as when one will be required to make the decision in the business. The fact is the risks one takes and how they deal with them in execution phase determines the growth the business achieves.


Looking at the career history of Mike Baur, it is key, to understand that his startup acceleration in business began when he was managing investments at Clariden Leu and UBS Bank. He was 16 years old then and he knew that this was the job he would do until he retired. However, irrespective of the financial stability and the respect he had for his peers and senior supervisors, he continued and left the job in 2014. Baur left banking sector due to some personal reasons. After that, Mike Baur ventured into the tech world to pattern with other minds like Max Meister in realizing more success. They are now the pillars at Swiss Startup Factory facilitating a lot of success in other young minds.


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