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The Brown Modeling Agency: A Force to be Reckoned With

The Brown Modeling agency is a talent firm created by the merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. The Brown agency is the first of its kind as it is the only full-service agency in Austin Texas. Justin Brown is the former leader of Wilhelmina Austin and the CEO and president of the Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnee is the founder of Heyman Talent-South and is partnering with Brown by extending his knowledge, skills, and experiences of the theatrical sector to the Brown Agency. Both are influential leaders in their areas, with extensive passion and success. Justin Brown began as a model for skinny jeans while in college. He later discovered that his real love was what goes on behind the scenes. He thoroughly enjoyed preparing models for the runway and assisting them in finding work. The merger is by far one of the most potent decisions as it creates a one-stop shop for clients and talent. Altogether Brown and his team will have the pleasant task of teaching aspiring over 450 models to be the master of their craft. They will be groomed and showed the skills they need to give their best performances and fulfill their dreams.




The agency helps talent find work by introducing them to clients which consist of large agencies such as Louis Vitton, Dell, and Toyota. Each talent is utilized based on the preferences of the client. Some clients prefer a more alternative look that consists of funky and grunge hair, piercings, and tattoos while others prefer a more conservative look. Brown and his team care significantly about the talent they manage. They do everything in their power to ensure that they are recognized for all accomplishments even small ones that bring them closer to their goal. Taking a look at the Brown Agency’s Facebook and Instagram pages provides proof in Brown’s belief that the agency is only as successful as the talent. Each model is praised for their success in jobs they’ve scored along with becoming a part of the agency. Overall, the Brown Agency is a firm that aspiring models should seek if their goal is to be supported in their personal goals and achieving success. Justin Brown and his team are by far the team you should want to work with. You can visit their Instagram page.

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