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OSI Industries- Enjoying Global Business Power

The OSI Industries was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowski a German immigrant, and it later expanded to become the leading food industry globally. The company is always on a constant road of evolving, innovating and growing to boast 200,000 workforces globally with 65 facilities and the main offices in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group main agenda is to service the restaurant and retail food industries. They have a range of resources and assets including packaging facilities, processing plants and global connections that makes the company the food supply leaders. The products produced by OSI Industries are sourced from various supplies offering high-quality products. OSI belief in providing the highest quality of products hence they careful source their suppliers. Their presence in 17 countries ensures they have large supplier chain that rises to the strict standards of the company.

According to Forbes OSI Industries is the ranked among the top 100 largest private companies in America taking position 58. The OSI Group has an annual sale of over 6.1billion dollars and boasting of the high reputation of the highest quality of services and products worldwide. The company is known for winning many awards with the latest being Globe of Honour 2016 presented by British Safety Councils. The OSI Industries has over 100 years of exceptional service, and it has continued to expand and grow tremendously.

It recently acquired BAHO Foods known for the manufacturing of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods serving the retail food services and segments and it makes OSI Group has a broader portfolio of products and also increase its roots in Europe. According to the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Industries BAHO food complements their current processing strengths and broadening their capabilities to serving their customer broader needs. The managing team of Baho Foods leads by John Balvers who is the company managing director will become part of OSI working together and executing the growth strategies of the companies.

The Baho food has five subsidiary companies with operating facilities located in The Netherlands and also in Germany and is known to sell its products to 18 European Countries. The managing director of Baho Foods John Balvers states that the combined effort and strategies of both companies will offer an extensive product portfolio hence accelerating the realization of the companies’ goals and satisfying the ever-changing and personalized needs of their customers.

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