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Alex Pall Interview

Alex Pall is a member of the band called The Chainsmokers. The chaninsmokers is a band with three members. They are: Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart, and Rhett Bixler. Alex Pall was born on May 16, 1985 in New York City. He grew up being a DJ, and eventually found out that his passion was in the music industry.

He met Andrew through a manager he used to have and he quit his job and went to follow his dream in Maine. Pall explains that when he met Andrew they both immediately clicked because they both shared the same interest in music. It was their dream. They were both very ambitious and they both knew what they wanted. They worked hard everyday and they started to come together and form an identity for the band.

Alex Pall also explains that they shared the same values in life and that it was very easy to get along. He says that at first, they did not want to cross the line and start treating it like a job, but they were putting in a lot of hard work. One of Alex Pall’s main goal was to be able to communicate with his audience at a deep level. he wanted them to be able to connect with his music and be able to fully understand the meaning behind it.

It is important for Alex to be able to a part of the song writing process and be able to actually put feelings into words. One of the things that Alex Pall really loves about his band is the fact that there is no age restriction. Any one can listen to it and vibe with it at the same time. He explains how some fans send him videos of their children singing it, while older people love the songs as well. Music connects people, and that has always been a dream of Alex Pall.

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