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NewsWatch TV Reviews Have Been a Boost to Saygus Smartphones

Airing since 1990, and reaching more 96 million homes, NewsWatch TV’s weekly shows on ION and AMC have become a reliable source of information for consumers across America. NewsWatch is a desirable partner for companies like Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, who need the world to know what they are up to. When Saygus started a promotional campaign with Indiegogo, the fledgling company was delighted to gain the backing of NewsWatch, even more so when NewsWatch sent a crew to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to capture Saygus’s smartphone launch.


Between the Indiegog campaign and NewsWatch TV, Saygus surpassed their initial investment goal by over $300,000. The company’s vice president, Tim Rush, had only great things to say about NewsWatch’s help and support, noting NewsWatch’s well-honed experience in messaging, targeting, timing, and delivering a message that resonates with consumers. Rush finds that connection between consumer and product invaluable for sales growth and to build a consumer base.


As the tech world has exploded, and companies like Saygus seek to reach consumers and clients, NewsWatch saw a niche market that it was well-primed to fill. Starting in 2011, the company began to expand beyond its more traditional news and entertainment offerings to provide more consumer-oriented programming for the technology market. In addition to highlighting innovative and exciting start-ups like Saygus, NewsWatch has also partnered with industry leaders like Sony, Siemens, and Audi, to review and market new and exciting products. Reporting on innovation has required NewsWatch to remain innovative as well, premiering a new program in 2012 called AppWatch that focuses on seeking out and reviewing mobile apps.


With a commitment to adapting to its viewer’s needs, as it has with an ever-evolving technology industry, and supporting the companies that want to connect with its audience, NewsWatch TV will continue to surprise and inform its audience for years to come.


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