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Chainsmokers Reflect Their Emotions With a Darker Tone of Music

Breaking charts for over two years now, The Chainsmokers, have taken a new direction. Starting off as a DJ’s in New York the dynamic duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, have been grinding to put out hit after hit. The beginning of their careers take place writing music for some Indie pop artist, and producing various electronic dance music tracks. What happens next is gold. The Chainsmokers started dropping songs like, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Closer” that broke top 100 charts on many platforms. Now, the band wants to take a step in a new and dark direction with their new single “Sick Boy”.

Alex and Pall claimed to have always tried to reflect how they perceive their lives, and how the couple perceive society in the band’s music. The past year for America’s aura has been eccentric and ominous, with the political scene and other varied crisis. So, to present this dark feeling in their music, The Chainsmokers, wrote “Sick Boy”. Diving deep into the depths of our consciousness. The new song looks at the narcissism in society, and weighs out the pros and cons. The song sums up that narcissism is looked upon as a negative characteristic, but if used in the right mind set it can be positive by helping you to evaluate and identity yourself.

This sensational duo has constantly been evolving in their personalities and music. It wasn’t until the release of the incredible song “Closer” that the band put their actual voices in their music. Setting them up for success as a tangible group that you can recognize, and not just the faceless DJ behind the turntable. The new song “Sick Boy” is another step to the Chainsmokers journey in the music industry. Changing from the normal upbeat and dance tempo the boy’s decided to take a darker role. What is next for the DJ/ songwriter/singer/ artist combo known as the, Chainsmokers?

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